Ever thought about needing a padlock?
August 19, 2018

Quality customer service, the key to repeat business.

Without customers, where would your business be?

If you’re not a business owner, are you in some way effected by customers at your job?

My many years of business have taught me that customers and the service you provide are two of the most important things in business. In the locksmith industry, training is also very important. Our training is what allows us to be able to provide the best products and service to our customers.

I’ve also learned that a satisfied customer is some of the best advertising you can get!

Unfortunately, not all end up satisfied.

A few years ago, I got a call from a customer that didn’t feel secure in her home. After talking to her, she said she thought someone had a key to her doors. I rekeyed the locks and gave her 2 keys. She seemed happy when I left her home. After a couple of days, she called back and said the same thing – her home was still not secure. I returned and discussed her options of high security locks that would prevent someone from getting a key, unless she allowed it. She declined at the time. A few more days went by and she called again. She was complaining about the same issues except she was now complaining that someone was stealing the dog’s medicine. At this time, I found out she’d also called 2 other locksmiths in the area to do work at her home.

With this specific customer, I’d offered her every option possible including some of the best high security hardware on the market. Unfortunately, you can’t win them all and she declined to take my advice and moved forward seeking a solution in other ways.

Even though I didn’t win in that situation, I did my best to educate the customer. I offered her the very best options, the best advice, and the best service. A few months after this situation, I got a call from a customer who had similar concerns with the security of her home. Just as before, I advised the customer on the best options and she moved forward with high security hardware on her home.

It’s important to make every customer feel they are #1 even if you’re not sure you’re going to win them over! There is almost always a solution to a customer’s need – it’s just taking the time to education them so they’re aware of every option. Quality customer service is the most important way to keep repeat business.